Pokemon sword yuzu softlock

The emulator is currently booting quite a few commercial titles, including some 3D rendered ones. Absolutely no piracy. Yuzu requires you to own a Switch and the games. Discussions about warez, downloading games and shader caches may result in a ban. A guide on dumping keys and system archives can be found in the quickstart guide down below. Please view the quickstart guide down below for approximate system requirements. Don't be a jerk.

But one softlock which i have no idea how to solve is that whenever i go to the man at wedgehurst station and when you know the train part starts to go to the isle of armor, there is a part when you see the corviknight taxi loading screen and it just softlocks. So i did what every person would do, delete my entire save file and start over again XD. What version of yuzu are you on? I finished the dlc a few weeks ago on early access and had no softlocks then.

Last I was on was EA Didn't have softlocks there and performance for pokemon was great. Can't comment on other games though. Wouldn't call it a monster by todays standards anymore. CPU is slowly getting outdated especially compared to the 8 and up core models. But do you maybe have any tips on how i could fix this with my pc now that you know my specs? Havent got allot of money and i have a all in one pc so buying extra things for it or buying a new pc in general is not an option for me.

Unfortunately there's not much you can do. Your cpu, being a dual core is your biggest limitation right now. Over time yuzu will become further optimized and you should begin to see improvements but that will definitely take time.The emulator is currently booting quite a few commercial titles, including some 3D rendered ones.

Pokémon Sword

Absolutely no piracy. Yuzu requires you to own a Switch and the games. Discussions about warez, downloading games and shader caches may result in a ban. A guide on dumping keys and system archives can be found in the quickstart guide down below. Please view the quickstart guide down below for approximate system requirements.

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Don't be a jerk. At this point im switching support to ryujinnx, no softlock im gettinng fps and the controls work correctly for wild grassy areas. This does work, though it is kinda annoying.

It is possible to play through parts on Yuzu, save before a softlock, transfer the save file to ryujinx, play through the scene, save and then transfer back to Yuzu. It is annoying and time consuming but technically possible. To everyone that keeps posting daily softlocks during cutscenes thinking you're the first one to find it: just stop it. Posting these EVERY SINGLE DAY will not help the developers or anything, everyone is already aware that the game softlocks during cutscenes and the developers have surely been working on this issue since the game launched, that's not a new bug or anything.

I mean, you already went through the trouble of getting a save file to progress through the game because it softlocks during cutscenes, and then you act surprised because the game softlocked during another cutscene?

Seeing as you already went through the trouble of getting a save file, you could've also taken a step further and take a look at either this own subreddit or at Yuzu's website to see that this is a known issue with the games as of now and that you had no need to post this, seeing as there are multiple posts about that same issue.

Remember all of the "Links Awakening title bug?? They slowed down by a fair bit, but we still also get the odd "wtf i saw a video of BSoD saying Mario Odyssey runs perfectly and it's not for me?? Yeah, that's the issue with Switch being so mainstream. More and more people end up finding out about Yuzu and, seeing as they have no experience with emulators but want to play these games so badly, they end up flooding this subreddit with these kinds of post.

Hate to be the "back in my day" guy, but with other consoles that weren't as big as the Switch or had more of a niche fanbase, people were more understanding with the fact that emulation isn't perfect and that it takes time for a game to actually be playable on them. I mean, look at Cemu and Citra for example.

I'm sure that when the issue is fixed, the Yuzu team will be the first ones to actually give us any information on this. A bunch of people posting pictures of the game softlocking in different cutscenes every single day, which is an already well known issue, isn't considered progress on the issue being fixed.

pokemon sword yuzu softlock

How about just following yuzu on Twitter or join the discord server or wait until everyone will mention it's been fixed when it is? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds.

pokemon sword yuzu softlock

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pokemon sword yuzu softlock

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Pokémon Shield

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